Kanban Method


Kanban is a method for defining, managing and improving services that create and deliver knowledge work, such as professional services, creative endeavors, and design and development of both physical and intangible products.

Kanban is also an evolutionary change management method, that is, a catalyst for rapid and focused change within organizations, capable of reducing individual and collective resistance to beneficial change, in line with the organization’s strategy and goals.

Training Courses

  • Starting Kanban, Team Kanban Practitioner (1 day)
  • Applying Kanban, Kanban System Design (2 days)
  • Improving Kanban, Kanban Management Professional (2 days)


Training / Practice Recognition
Starting Kanban (Team Kanban Practitioner) Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) Credential by LKU.
Applying Kanban (Kanban System Design)
+ Improving Kanban (Kanban Management Professional)
Kanban Management Professional (KMP) Credential by LKU.

Kanban Management Professional (2 days)

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