Who are we?

IOSAE is a professional services firm focused in Organizational Agility that provides unmatched strategy, thinking and practices tailored to your own context, increasing your ability to adapt, make sense and thrive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex world.

How do we work?

IOSAE establishes tight cooperation ties with all its clients: together we develop individuals, teams, and evolutionary learning systems, by inviting people to change in order to shape healthy human relationships, solve complex challenges, drive innovation, and build products and services customers love.

When did we start?

IOSAE was initiated in 2004, and formally founded in 2007: +10 years operating and counting.

What problems do we solve?

The world has changed a lot since our foundation in 2004 and IOSAE itself has undergone a profound transformation, transitioning from a Networking company into a Professional Services one, focused on solving problems related to:

Inability to cope with market changes: we are worldwide pioneers in pull-based change management and organizational agility, a new management philosophy to guide your organization to transform itself into a human social system capable of rapidly responding and thriving on change.

Poor team performance: we have a deep experience in human systems dynamics, lean, agile, Kaizen, Kanban, and DevOps, that we can leverage with your people strengths to build high-performing teams capable of tackling complex challenges in an effective and efficient way.

Workforce skills shortage: we provide people development systems and programs that work everywhere, and customized leadership development opportunities for your managers and executives to foster new ways of thinking, acting and influencing to achieve significant business results.

Whom do we work with?

Through our change management and coaching services, training courses, and consulting practice, we are proud to help dozens of organizations every month.

Some of them are, in alphabetical order:

Colégio Casa Mãe

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