Agile Foundations


Want to know what agile is all about?  If you’re new to the Agile world and need a solid introduction to the agile way of thinking and doing, then our Agile Foundations course is a perfect fit. It examines the roles and responsibilities of team members working on an Agile project. It delves into the specific practices used in agile initiatives, explains the theory and concepts behind the agile approach, and prepares you to work confidently and effectively in an agile environment. You will also learn about the structure for defining value to ensure your initiatives deliver the right outcomes at the right time for the right customer. This is one of our most popular agile course for individuals, teams, and organizations seeking introductory agile training.

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
Orientation Plan-driven Plan-driven Value-driven Value-driven Value-driven Value-driven
Teams Functional:
Product + Service
Product + Service
Communication Formal Formal Informal Informal Informal Informal
Workflow Sequential Sequential Iterative Iterative Flow Flow
Testing At the end At the end Test first Test first Test first Test first
Design None None        
  • Round 1: Plan-driven, sequential, test at the end, functional teams, written communication.
  • Round 2: Plan-driven, sequential, test at the end, cross-functional teams, oral communication.
  • Round 3: 


Day 1 – Morning I: Agile history & mindset

  • Welcome and introductions.
  • The genesis of the agile movement.
  • Manifesto agile for software development.
  • Abstracting agile and applying to other domains.
  • The agile mindset as an emergent property of complex interactions.
  • Experiencing the agile mindset.

Day 1 – Morning II: Effective teams

  • Individuals & interactions.
  • Processes and tools.

Day 1 – Afternoon II: Creating Practices


Day 1 – Afternoon II: 

Day 2 – Morning I: LEGO Puzzle Simulation

  • LEGO Puzzle Simulation

Day 2 – Afternoon II: 

  • There are no course prerequisites.
Who should attend?
  • Team members starting out in agile initiatives.
  • Project managers entering an agile environment.
  • Managers of teams involved in agile initiatives.
  • Consultants looking for a solid grounding in agile software development.


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