Strategy Development


Learning Goals

Learning Agenda

Day #1 – Morning:

  • Introduction.
  • OODA overview.
  • HiveFlex overview.
  • Sensemaking Strategy overview.
  • Sensemaking Strategy simulation:
    • Where are we today?
    • What recent events drove us here?
    • How does the environment look like today?
    • How did the environment evolve around us?

Day #1 – Afternoon:

  • Sensemaking Strategy simulation (cont.):
    • What trends do we think are emerging today?
    • What drivers (agents, forces) do we think are fueling them?
    • What risks and opportunities do we foresee for each trend? 
    • What impossibly bad scenarios do we envision for tomorrow?
    • What impossibly good scenarios do we envision for tomorrow?
    • Connecting the dots (from future scenarios to recent past).
    • Storytelling.
    • What opportunities, risks, and potential pathways will we pursue?.
    • Crafting strategic initiatives (with vectors, goals and/or success indicators).

Day #2 – Morning:

  • Options Mapping overview.
  • Options Mapping simulation:
    • Why are we going to do this? What are the strategic goals and/or success indicators and targets?
    • Who will be impacted? Who can help/prevent us to achieve the goals?
    • How will their behaviors change? How can they help/prevent us to achieve the goals?
    • How can we measure potential behaviors’ changes? What signs/indicators/targets are we looking for?
    • What can we do to support good behaviors and avoid/mitigate bad ones?
    • What potential benefits are we trying to deliver and to whom?
  • Options Mapping simulation(cont.):
    • Crafting hypotheses for potential deliverables.
    • Estimating hypotheses’ potential value.
    • Estimating hypotheses’ potential effort.
    • Assessing hypotheses’uncertainty.
    • Selecting the best hypotheses to start.

Day #2 – Afternoon:

  • Options Mapping simulation:

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